Thursday, September 2, 2010

What is India trying to prove?

More than 2 billion dollars are being spent on the Common Wealth Games to be held in Delhi for a mere 12 days, between October 3 and 14th. And even that they don't seem to be getting right. Delhi is far from ready. Stadiums are still yet to get fully ready. Basic infrastructure, such as foot paths, ares still being laid. The big question on everybody's mind, "will it be ready?"

   A number of reports suggest that the amount of money being spent does not reflect the ground reality. Quality of the stadiums is sub-standard.

   Is spending such a large amount justified when more than 55% of the Indian population lives below the poverty line?

   To add insult to injury, authorities in Delhi are planning to cover 'the not-so-welcoming sights', slums in Delhi, with bamboo mats( How in the world can you call this inclusive growth?

India wants to show to the world that it is an emerging super power by holding CWG 2010...tsk tsk!

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